AMS800 Copper Cable Granulator
As one kind of metal recycling, recycling copper and aluminum from scrap wire & cable are becoming more and more of a focus. Not only does it prevent waste from going to landfills, but it is also far more efficient to process recycled materials, which significantly cuts down air pollution, water pollution and water use. The heavy duty recycling machine-800 copper granulator is the specialist in recycling copper and aluminum in large scale. By using it, scrap wire & cable are crushed and later separated from the plastic or rubber. Moreover its material feeding is completed for one time with the structure of multiple machines including conveying, dust collecting, and separating process. With much superiority like easy operation & maintenance and purity rate of 99.99%, 800 copper granulator is much favored in large scale recycling business!

AMS800 copper wire granulator

AMS800 Copper Granulator Machine Advantages
1. Large throughput and strong adaptability which can handle a wider range of material including not only copper wire & cable but also aluminum material
2. Double crushing process improves the copper recycling purity to 99.99%.
3. Main parts of the machine are connected by screws instead of auto-weld, which greatly facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the machine.
4. The blade of the crusher can be removed to be sharpened.
5. With air separation system, thus effectively solve the problem of powder dust pollution.
6. Mounted on high quality steel base for easy portability: easy to move, place and install.
7. Wire/cable processed range is from 0.2 to 50mm.

Recycling Machine Working Process

The main process of copper recycling machine includes: first crush, second crush, separation, granule collection. When the granulator starts to work, its first cutter crushes the material into short pieces and a second cutter for shorter length. Thus copper or aluminum is detached from plastic or rubber and the mixture of small pieces are formed. The mixture directly falls into vibrating screen after crushing and goes through separating blower and then gathering blower. With airflow function and screen box straight shock excitation, the plastic or rubber pellets and metal pellets will separate. Then metal particles and plastic pellets go into different outlet areas. Dust goes to dust gatherer through air flue.

copper wire

copper granule

In addition, the vibrating screen and separating blower are controlled by transducer, which can adjust frequency and the air value according to different conditions. The rate and quality of production is mainly determined by airflow. A high air flow will result in a high production rate but low quality level. A low air flow will result in a low production rate but high quality level. So keeping suitable airflow is the key for efficient recycling.

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Parameters of AMS800 Copper Cable Granulator

500-800 kg/h
Wire/cable processed range
0.2-40 mm
Copper purity
78.76 kw
9200*4300*2700 mm
8000 kg
380V 50 HZ 3 Phase (It can be customized)