The Introduction of Radiator Fin Crushing & Separating Line
Large Capacity Radiator Fin Crushing and Separating Line is specially designed to process AC radiator and car radiator for recycling copper, aluminum and iron. This equipment has a good performance on separating copper, iron and aluminum in the radiator and the separation rate is up to 99.9%. Our radiator fin crushing and separating line displays the advantages in economizing costs, raising efficiency, no dust and no secondary pollution. Thus this radiator processing line can bring you high economic benefit.
radiator_fin_crushing_and_separating_machineTechnical requirements are as following
Size: 16400*2000*4000mm
Power: 380V/100KW
Capacity: 600-800kg/h
Separation Rate: 99.9%
Control Mode: Star triangle electric control cabinet
Noise: not more than 85db
Dust Emission Standard: Meet the National Integrated Air Pollution Discharge Standard
Equipment Appearance: Surface spraying treatment

Equipment Related to the Radiator Fin Crushing & Separating Line
1. Belt Conveyor
Size: 3000*1400*2500mm
Power: 2.2KW
2. Primary Crusher (1 set)
Here we use Biaxial Cutting Machine for the primary crushing. Biaxial Cutting Machine, driven by the motor, can cut the radiator fin into a length of 10-20mm. After cutting, the radiator is conveyed to the secondary crusher by the belt conveyor. This primary crusher adopts SLF reducer and the national standard copper wire motor. The main machine body is made of S45C with the thickness of 45mm by welding, and the rack is made of 120*120*8mm square tube.
Size: 1100*1800*1960mm
Power: 380V/22KW
Service Life of the Blades: 60 working days; the blades are made of special tool steel. We can offer a set of backup blades and tool material certificate.

radiator recycling

3. Belt Conveying Line (1 piece)
This belt conveying line is made of vulcanization annular rubber belt and the thickness of conveying belt is 8mm. It is equipped with tension device. There is a ¢30mm non-power roller every 500mm at the bottom of the belt line; and the paint sprayed iron plate with the thickness more than 1.5mm is used to transit from one roller to the other. The belt surface is designed with the slipping-back preventing device and there are sideboards on both sides of the belt to prevent the material from falling down. On the other hand, the material is transited closely from the belt conveying line to the hopper of Secondary Crusher, which prevents the material from dropped too. If over-loading occurs or the material is blocked, the belt conveying line will stop feeding automatically.
Size: 3300*1100*2500mm
Power: 380V/2.2KW
Category: Vulcanization annular rubber belt(black)
Load-bearing: 1000kg/h
4. Secondary Crusher (1 set)
There are guard plates against the internal wall of crushing chamber, which can protect the machine body and at the same time grind the mixed material. The main machine body is made of S45C with the thickness of 45mm by welding. It adopts hydraulic startup closed structure which makes it easier to change the blades.
Size: 1700*1550*2900mm.
Power: 380V/55KW
Service Life of Blades: 30 working days; the blades are made of special tool steel.
5. Conveyor Belt for Absorbing Iron (1 set)
Iron absorption conveyor belt is used to absorb the iron from the crushed mixed material, which benefits the next separation of copper and aluminum.
Size: 3500*1500*2100mm
Power: 380V/1.5KW
6. Vibration Separator
Vibration separator is used to separate copper and aluminum by air and vibration due to the different specific gravity of copper and aluminum. Before using the vibration separator, you should make sure that the vibration frequency, screen tilt angle and the air volume of the exhauster are set properly.
Size: 3800*2000*4000mm
Power: 380V/17KW

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