Scrap metal by crusher is the preparation for recycling metal, which can help the environment and give a real boost to the economy. Our scrap metal crusher is designed to shred a wide variety of any type of metal waste, steel waste, iron waste like discarded automobiles, household appliances, bicycles and etc. By smashing and compressing, the crusher can remove the impurities, raise density, lower transporting and smelting costs to offer a good furnace charge for the plant. To satisfy your different recycling requirements, our company has offered five models of metal crushers with different capacities for your choice!

Spotlights of Scrap Metal Crusher

1. The blade of the metal breaker is made of high alloy which has a good crushing effect on any materials with high hardness.
2. The start of the metal crusher is stable and there is no loud noise.
3. It adopts solid construction and the densely covered stiffening plate ensures the fortification of the box.
4. It can be equipped with other devices to form a complete production plant, mainly including a feeding conveyor, outfeed conveyor, magnetic selecting device, and dust removal system.
5. The all-dimensional control button makes your control of the equipment easier so that the whole crushing process can be manipulated with 1-2 workers.
6. Security identifier and mark, which can ensure the safety of the operation.
7. Particle size is mainly decided by the hole size of the sieve plate.

scrap metal crusher

Working Principle of Metal Crusher
The basic principle of a metal crusher is the impact of material by hammer beating. When the material enters the crusher, it is suffered impact from the high-speed rotary hammers, flap of the crushing chamber body and at the same time strike among materials. Thus material is ground by lots of times. The materials less than the sieving hole discharge from the clearance. Larger particles are hit again by the hammer. The final particle size is mainly decided by hole size of the sieve plate, so you can adjust the size by your requirements.

Raw Materials can be Crushed by Metal Crusher

1. Whole or flattened car bodies (without tires, fuel/gas tanks, engines & gearboxes)
2. Tin plate material
3. Electrical appliances (without motor, compressor, axles)
4. Bicycles & similar materials
5. Empty tanks (without liquid materials & paint, etc)
6. Other scraps suitable for shredding.

metal to be crushed

Preparations before starting Scrap Metal Crusher
1. To check whether there is the right amount of lubricant inside the bearing.
2. Check all fasteners are tight.
3. Check whether there is metal inside the body or other foreign materials not easily broken.
4. Check whether the gap between hammer and sieve is normal.
5. Turn the rotor by hand and observe whether the normal and reverse rotating is correct.

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Scrap Metal Crusher Parameters

Inlet size
Machine dimension
AMS 1280
2-3 ton/h
17 ton
AMS 1680
5 ton/h
25 ton
AMS 6050
0.5 ton/h
3 ton
AMS 7080
1 ton/h
4 ton
AMS 80100
5 ton