Despite growing by more than 9% annually on average over 2006-2012, metal waste and scrap recycling industry in Mexico remains small, valued only Mex$208 million in 2012. Insufficient domestic supply of raw metals pushes Mexican metallurgical industries to turn to recycled metals. At the same time, the Mexico government improves waste collection and separation in Mexico to help to sustain the metal recycling industry development.
Due to the economic and environmental benefits, Mexico has a small metal scrap recycling industry, but the processors in this country are trying to recover and reuse the copper and aluminum wires/cables, which is an important part of Mexico metal recycling industry, and is where the real money and the new energy is.

And to complete efficient wires and cables recycle, the Mexican processors has a lot of things to do.
A.Separate wires and cables by type
Recoveries vary, so separating high-voltage electrical cable from low-voltage communications wire allows weighing and grading each type of wires and cables on their copper or aluminum content. Also separate copper and aluminum wire for processing.
B. Remove all the contaminants:
The wires and cables differs from the pure copper or aluminum value they have, so the processors will remove the non-copper or non-aluminum items to raise the value of their wire and cable scrap.
C. Separate copper and aluminum from their polymer jacket
Stripping wires and cables: advanced stripper machine makes it easy to separating copper and aluminum from their insulated layer.
—Melting wires and cables: burning is another commonly-used method in Mexico.
—Grinding-chopping-granulating: This is the most common method in Mexico for its clean and pure process by wire/cable granulators, and the process breaks up the wires and cables to sort copper and aluminum from the polymers.

scrap wires recycling machine

copper cable stripper machine

copper wire granulator

Mexico Scrap Wires/Cables Recycling Outlook
The emerging economy of Mexico will lead the scrap wires and cables recyclers to exhibit more consistent recovery in the future, and the recyclers are experiencing a different Mexico in the scrap recycling industry that Mexico is taking the scrap metal recycling industry seriously.
On the raw materials side, Mexico is rich in natural resource, the natural gas, which can be the fuel resource for scrap metal recovery, making the scrap wires and cables recovery an attractive business for electronic manufacturers, regulators and recyclers, etc.

Other Scrap Recycling in Mexico-PET bottles & Tires
A. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the clear plastic resin commonly used to make beverage bottles and food containers. Though made from hydrocarbons — naturally occurring compounds sourced from non-renewable resources, primarily oil — if left to break down outside, PET can take hundreds of years to degrade. But because PET is of the polyester family it can be easily recycled into new bottles or other consumer products such as clothing and carpeting. As well as self-interest, Mexico’s bottling and plastics industries got together to launch a non-profit association with the aim of securing a stable domestic supply of PET.
B. Though, there are indications that recycling of scrap tires is beginning to gain traction , systematic recycling of scrap tires in Mexico is considered still to be in its early stages of development, according to industry reports, with approximately 5 million tires recycled each year in the country. Tire recycling helping to reduce landfill waste in Mexico.

PET bottle recycling

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