01 2018

US Scrap Wires and Cables Recycle

2018-05-11T17:11:11+00:00 News|

The electronic manufacturers, regulators and recyclers in US are looking for more productive ways of separating copper and aluminum from insulation to create new metals by recovering scrap wires/cables.

Recycling in Canada

2018-05-11T17:22:04+00:00 News|

Recycling plays an important role in Canada because of its necessity and benefits. Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery guides you have a overview of Canada recycling’s problem and opportunity.

E-Waste in Australia

2018-05-11T17:24:08+00:00 News|

E-waste in Australia is a big problem.Perfecting recycling system and equipping high quality recycling machines is one way to change the present situation. Amisy metal recycling machines like to contribute to Australia recycling.