What is the warranty on the metal recycling machines?

One year

What are the payment methods for purchasing a metal recycling machine?

T/T, L/C, Escrow, West Union

What is copper cable granulator?

Copper cable granulator is a kind of metal recycling machine which can recycle various copper wires/ cables by crushing and separating. The recycled copper is like granule, so this machine is called copper cable granulator.

Does your copper cable granulator adopt dry-separating or wet-separating?

Our copper cable granulators are designed to recycle cables by grinding cable and dry-separating copper from plastic or rubber, so there is no secondary pollution.

Is your Copper Wire Cable Granulator suitable for processing aluminum wires and cables?

Our Copper Wire Granulator can not only process copper wire/cable, but also aluminum wires/cables.

Are your Copper Cable Granulators easy to maintain?

The main parts of the Copper Cable Granulators are linked by screws rather than by welding, so it is easier for you to maintain machines.

What is the usage of copper granules recycled by copper granulator?

Copper granules recycled by copper granulator can be used to make copper foil, copper clad and other metallurgical products; they are the best alternative of cathode copper.

Where to find copper for recycling?

An important source of scrap copper is electric cable, old radiators and plumbing work, etc.

What is the environmental value of metal recycling?

The environmental values of copper recycling are solid waste diversion, reduced energy requirements for processing, and natural resource conservation.

How will I know what metal recycling machine to choose for my application?

We have a professional sales team who will assist in making the right choice for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

What materials can your wire stripping machine strip?

Our wire stripping machine is used to strip all kinds of scrap copper wires and cables with diameter from 1mm up to 165mm to recycle the net copper/aluminum/steel.

What should be paid attention to the scrap wires and cables before they are stripped?

One point needs to pay attention is that the wires and cables to be processed should be straight or without knots.

Is your wire stripping machine suitable for stripping aluminum wrapper?

Yes. The wire/cable stripping machine can not only strip plastic wrapper, rubber wrapper, but also even aluminum wrapper, steel wrapper.

Which type of radiator copper aluminum separating equipment should I choose?

We can offer you two types of radiator copper aluminum separating equipment: stripping and separating machine and crushing and separating line according to you quantity of materials. If large quantity, crushing and separating line is suitable for you; if small quantity, stripping and separating machine is for you.

What is the main difference between vertical baler and horizontal baling machine?

The main difference is how the recyclable material is compacted. Vertical baler compresses the material form the top while horizontal baling machine compresses the material from the side.

Which one is suitable for small business, vertical baler or horizontal baling machine?

Vertical baler is usually semi-automatically operated, so it is suitable for baling small quantity of recyclable material.

Why bale waste material for recycling and not just place them in bin or skips?

By baling your waste material at source we can collect your materials and send them direct to the mill to be re-processed and you will therefore reap the materials rebate direct. In waste containers such as skips or bins the material will require baling by the collection company before it can be sent for re-processing. The majority of these collections will incur a charge with no rebate due to transport and handling cost.

Will it cost me more because of equipment investment?

No, by segregating materials from your general waste stream for recycling you are saving on ever increasing disposal cost and reduce transport frequency along with reaping a return for the baled material. The investment of equipment is minimal compared to these savings.

How to operate your machines?

We will send you the video which will show you how to operate and offer technical support for you.

Can I tailor the metal recycling machine?

Yes. We can produce the machine according to your requirement.