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Amisy metal recycling machines — will be the pride and profit for your business! At affordable price, you will soon make remarkable profits from your plastic and wire recyclables. Our machines are easy to operate and safe to work at your yard for a long time. They are easy to maintain and if you should ever experience problems within the first year of your purchase, feel free to contact us! We provide one year warranty !

Let Amisy metal recycling machines create a customized solution that allows you to quickly and cost-efficiently recycle your scrap metal. Our recycling machines can adapt versatile technology to meet the needs of your application. With its unsurpassed quality and durability, our compact metal recycling machinery efficiently processes a broad range of scrap, including aluminum, copper and steel, etc.

We offer parts and accessories for everything we sell. We stock service items and common wear parts for same-day shipping. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we’ll have it customized direct from the day you pay a deposit.

We are in existence to inform people about metal recycling including copper, aluminum,etc. Metal recycling is something we can all take part in, making our environment more in tune with nature. Our wires and cables includes metal; our AC radiator includes metal; even our drinks are in aluminum cans. Though we cannot get rich by gathering scrape metal, it is something to do to improve our environment. There are types of metals in your home that can be recycled instead of throwing into waste bins.

1. We offer a complete turn-key package with our metal recycling equipment. We’ll take care of delivery, installation, start-up, testing and operator training. We won’t leave your site until your new equipment is performing to specification and making money for you!

2. It’s important to maintain your equipment to keep it running at peak performance and avoid costly down time. We can design a maintenance program that’s customized to meet your needs and to help ensure the longest life for your equipment.

3. If your recycling equipment does need immediate attention, you’ll receive professional, high-quality and timely service from our dedicated service team.

Step 1: Visit our website and send inquiry with specific requirement;

Step 2: Experienced salesmen recommend suitable machine model;

Step 3: Send PI to customer;

Step 4: Pay a deposit and we arrange manufacturing;

Step 5: Delivery of all necessary equipment;

Step 6: Installation of all machines in working site;

Step 7: Train operators and supervisors;

Step 8: In-time after-sale service;

★ Heavy-duty and streamline design;

★ High automation and energy saving;

★ The granulators can not only process copper wire but also aluminum wire;

★ The strippers can not only strip off plastics, rubber but also steel and aluminum;


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Our commercial metal recycling program helps businesses get the most out of the scrap metals in their waste stream.