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What is Copper Cable Granulator?

How Many Models? Production Capacity? Its Warranty? Payment Methods?

Amisy Cable Granulator

is a kind of metal recycling machine to recycle copper wires/cables by crushing and separating. The finished products are copper granules. Warranty: 1 Year; Payment: T/T, L/C, Escrow, West Union


What is The Usage of Copper Granules Recycled by Copper Granulator?

Cable is fed into

granulating machine being chopped up, later into smaller granules separating the copper granules from the plastic outer. Copper granules are used to make the copper foil, copper-clad or other metallurgical products.

The main parts of Copper Cable Granulators are linked by screws rather than by welding, so it is easier for you to maintain machines.

Are your Copper Cable Granulators Easy to Maintain?

Copper granules recycled by copper granulator can be used to make the copper foil, copper clad and other metallurgical products; they are the best alternative of cathode copper.

What is the Usage of Copper Granules Recycled by Copper Granulator?

The environmental values of copper recycling are solid waste diversion, reduced energy requirements for processing, and natural resource conservation.

What is the Environmental Value of Metal Recycling?

The main difference is how the recyclable material is compacted. The vertical baler compresses the material from the top while horizontal baling machine compresses the material from the side.

What is the Main Difference Between Vertical Baler and Horizontal Baling Machine?






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