Mini AMS400 Copper Wire Granulator

///Mini AMS400 Copper Wire Granulator

Mini AMS400 Copper Wire Granulator

Why Scrape Wire Recycling?
Scrap wire and cable are normally treated as waste products by many people. In fact, they are potential material which can add your profitability if you know the metal recycling is the expert to help you get much money from your scrap metals by providing proper scrap processing facility. Our mini copper wire granulator is specially designed for recycling scrap wire and cable. Featured with novel design, compact structure, low power consumption and stable performance, it can split granulated copper/aluminum completely from the plastic casing. Moreover, it is technically and economically suited for homemade and small scale recycling business.

Spotlights of Mini Granulator Machine

With latest technology and unique design, our mini copper wire granulator is upgraded to own comprehensive advantages as follows:

mini copper granulator

1. More stable and reliable operation
2. Easier to operate
3. Increase your throughput and handle a wider range of material by expanding separation system.
4. Main parts of the machine are connected by screws instead of auto-weld, which greatly facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the machine.
5. High purity rate of 99.99% at least for both recycling copper and plastic/rubber. So the final product is the extremely clean granulate and no other processing is required.
6. When process the scrap wire/cables, it has no dust which is environmental friendly.
7. Motor voltage can be customized according to your local electricity supply.

Materials that can be Recycled
1. Recycle not only copper wire & cable but also aluminium material such as telephone wire, household electric wire, automotive wire and cables etc..
2. Various shapes of wire can be processed like single core, multi-core and even twisted or tangled wire.
3. The diameter of wire/cable recycled can be from 0.2-20mm.
4. Perfect performance in processing thin copper wires with diameter 0.2-0.3mm.

copper wire to be recycled

How does the Copper Granulator Work?
The copper wire granulator mainly consists of the crusher, vibrator blower, dust collector, two vibrator motors and plastic collector blower. When you plan to operate the machine, first turn it on and then keep stable speed to feed scrap wires or cables into the copper wire granulator. Once the material is fed through the machine, it is crushed by the crusher and then placed on a conveyor. Thus the material is moved to the vibrating separator and is sieved into two products: copper/aluminum granular and plastic granular. The vibrator is used to separate the copper granular and the wind blower is used to separate the plastic granular. Moreover, our mini copper wire granulator can reach the purity rate of 99.99% at least for recycling both copper/aluminum and plastic.

Warm Tips for Choosing Suitable Wire Granulator
If you plan to purchase copper wire granulator to start your recycling business, here are some simple tips which may help you
1. Type of equipment
2. Performance and reliability
3. Ease of maintenance
4. Parts availability

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Technical specification of Mini AMS400 Wire Granulator

Mini AMS 400
80-100 kg/h
380V 50HZ 3Phase (can be customized)
11.92 kw
1450*1500*2200 mm
900 kg
Wire/Cable Processed Range
0.2-20 mm
Copper Purity
[Total: 39    Average: 2.7/5]
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    Hi there just wondering what’s the price of the Mini AMS400 Copper Wire Granulator is, also does it come fully assembled.


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    What’s the price delivered on the mini AMS400 granulator
    Swindon England
    That’s ms

  5. Duncan Lance 06/22/2018 于 07:43 - Reply

    This was a fascinating read and I have to admit that I did not know cables could be recycled. However, ti does make sense because of the different kinds of metal in them. I imagine that they could go for quite a lot on the recycling market if that were the case then.

  6. Yasir 07/29/2018 于 07:16 - Reply

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    How much for mini granulator ? Does wire come out whole or ground in little pieces?

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    Do you have pre owened – refurbished granulators for copper wire. For sale. I am a one man oporation. So your smallest granulator is all I would need.

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