Get The MOST From Your Scrap METAL Recycling
  • Alligator Shearing Machine
    Alligator Shearing Machine

    Alligator shearing machine is widely employed in recycling companies, automobile dismantling plants, smelting and casting industry to cold shear all shapes of profile steels and all kinds of metals into qualified furnaces.

  • AMS400 Scrap Copper Wire  Granulator
    AMS400 Scrap Copper Wire Granulator

    AMS400 Scrap Copper Cable Granulator is a kind of copper wire recycling machine. It is an all-in-one unit which combines many functions in one machine, including conveying, dust collecting, and separating process.

  • Mini AMS400  Copper Wire Granulator
    Mini AMS400 Copper Wire Granulator

    Bring the scrap wire and cable to mini copper granulator, while putting money in your pocket! So start your business by using small copper granulator at your yard is so easy and profitable.

  • AMS600 Copper/Aluminum  Granulator
    AMS600 Copper/Aluminum Granulator

    AMS600 Copper Aluminum Wire Granulator has high economic benefit. It can process a wider range of materials as long as the diameter of wire is not more than 20mm and un-strippable material.

  • AMS800 Copper Granulator
    AMS800 Copper Granulator

    Salvaging wire and cable is where the real money is! Amisy 800 copper granulator can turn scrap wire & cable with diameter of 0.2 to 50 mm into resource in large scale.

  • Small Wire Stripping Machine
    Small Wire Stripping Machine

    Amisy Small Wire Cable Stripping Machine has four models, namely AMS-918A, AMS-918F, AMS-918KA and AMS-918KOB. The copper wires stripped by wire stripper machine is still entire which are easy to store and convenient to be remanufactured.

  • Large Cable Stripping Machine
    Large Cable Stripping Machine

    Don't scrap waste wire and cable, but strip them with wire stripping machine. Amisy has offered two models of heavy duty wire cable stripping machines for better metal recycling in large scale!

  • Radiator Copper & Aluminum Stripper
    Radiator Copper & Aluminum Stripper

    Amisy radiator aluminum copper stripper & separator machine is designed to strip and separate the scrap radiator fin for recycling copper and aluminum with high efficiency and stable performance.

  • Radiator Fin Crushing  Machine
    Radiator Fin Crushing Machine

    Large Capacity Radiator Fin Crushing and Separating Line is specially designed to process AC radiator and car radiator for recycling copper, aluminum and iron.

  • Scrap Metal Crusher
    Scrap Metal Crusher

    Don't let your scrap metal go to waste–crush it for cash! Amisy can offer you premium scrap metal crushers with various capacities to help your recycling business!

  • Horizontal Baling Press Machine
    Horizontal Baling Press Machine

    Compared to the Hydraulic Vertical Baler, Horizontal Baling Press Machine is much larger both in size and capacity. The waste material is loaded from the top by conveyor or air cyclone system and compressed from the sides automatically.

  • Hydraulic Vertical Baling Machine
    Hydraulic Vertical Baling Machine

    Hydraulic vertical baler is a kind of baling press machine and its material is loaded from the front and compressed from the top down. We can offer different kinds of hydraulic vertical balers with the compressing force from 10 tons to 60 tons for you

  • Shredder Machine
    Shredder Machine

    Looking for profitable way to deal with large solid waste? Amisy shredder can help you! We have offered two types of shredders: double-shaft and four-shaft shredder, which are advanced equipments with strong crushing capacity and high output.

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